Life, Health and Disability Insurance

1) Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the most invaluable protection you can offer your loved ones. As the saying goes, tomorrow may never come. Rates are extremely affordable and the application process is fast and simple. Take action today and contact our representatives to inquire about coverage options. At PLS PRO we have access to numerous top rated carriers offering access to online and streamlined application processes. There are several types of life insurance product offerings. We will help you understand your options and calculate your needs. Contact us today and make securing life insurance for your loved ones a priority. As the saying goes, tomorrow may never come.

2) Health Insurance

Health Insurance has become increasingly complex throughout the years with many carriers and options to choose from. At PLS PRO we have the tools necessary to help you determine whether you and your family qualify for subsidized premiums through CoveredCA or directly with our individual marketplace carriers. Furthermore, we do offer our services to help you secure coverage for your employees through our small group health insurance programs.

3) Protect Your Financial Future with Disability Insurance Products

Choose the plan that best suits your individual needs.

Disability Income Insurance

This plan is designed to help keep you financially stable during difficult times by paying a monthly income, directly to you, when you are sick or hurt and unable to work.

It is ideal as a primary income replacement plan, and helps protect against the risk of depleting your savings, education, or retirement funds. Learn more about Disability Income Insurance.

Mortgage Disability Income Insurance

This affordable plan protects your home by providing funds to help meet your mortgage loan responsibilities should you become totally disabled. Learn more about Mortgage Disability Income Insurance.

Individual Credit Disability Insurance

This plan is designed to help those who have a loan payment in equal monthly installments. It can pay a monthly benefit directly to your financing institution should you become totally disabled. Learn more about Individual Credit Disability Insurance.

4) International Student Health Insurance

National University